About Us


Wood Paper Scissors is the creation of designer/maker husband and wife team, Lindsay and Tony. Yin and yang in every sense of the term, their skills and expertise exist in perfect harmony; collaboratively creating artisanal items that are as fun, quirky and playful as they are.


Inspired by the sunshine yellows and storm blue seas of the Cornish coast, their products are made with high quality, locally and ethically sourced materials, meaning they’re made to love and last. Each item is crafted to help celebrate the beautiful moments in life, best shared with family and friends.


Working from their studio-come-workshop in the Cornish countryside, their range is inspired by the Hygge ethos of enjoying life’s simple pleasures, in comfort and cosiness. Lindsay and Tony went in search of their own version of Hygge, and discovered klys, the Cornish word for cosy. Inspired by their beautiful surroundings, Lindsay and Tony craft products that bring a little Cornish Klys (and bliss) into life.

From brilliant biscuit boards to personalised creations to be cherished forever; there’s something special to raise a smile in us all. Celebrating all of life’s moments; carved in Cornwall, for you.