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It didn't happen over night, but I am completely blaming lockdown. I have become a crazy plant lady, I mean gardener. 

For the first time ever, I couldn't just rush to the garden centre in spring and buy loads of poor unsuspecting plants to slowly kill. I had to put a bit of effort in, taking time to germinate and nurture seedlings on from carefully selected seeds, some of these were even posted from a friend who had surplus and posted me some. Whilst we are huge advocates of The Good Life, the actual growing part of gardening has never a particula forte of mine, so this was a bit of a challenge. Especially as the shops were shut.


Some plants grew and were a success, like courgettes, and miniature cosmos. Others, like my runner beans were a disaster, they were doing well in their trays but I planted them out and then the slugs had a field day!

One thing that is clear, last summer my tiny shoe box of a garden looked the best it ever has and it cost next to nothing. I used lolly pop sticks and wrote on wooden pegs to use as plant markers to identify the plants. I re-used old pots, sticks and egg boxes that we saved from around the house and most importantly I really considered what I wanted to grow. Some food, some flowers seemed a good balance.


At the same time I started to think about propagating my indoor plants, inspired by accounts I follow on instagram I decided to have a go at growing some plant babies of my own and it was a lot easier that I had expected.


We have created a personalised propagator to make the job of growing more of your favourite plants even easier! 

Simply place a cutting in each test tube, with cool water and wait until white roots start to grow from the bottom of the stem. When the roots get to be about a half-inch long, remove from the tube and plant in potting soil. Make sure you don't wait too long, as the roots will not acclimate to soil. 

Completely designed and constructed in Cornwall from locally sourced solid oak





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