Autumn menu planning with the solid oak Hot Stuff trivet

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solid oak pan stand

Is it just me or does anyone else love how the seasons make you think differently about your menu plan? There's been a definite chill in the air today so my lovely lidded oven dish has been brought out from it's summer hiding place and I have had a lovely evening planning soups, casseroles and all those lovely slow foods, hearty wholesome meals you associate with the cooler seasons. Autumn is my favourite season, can you tell?!


Planning our meals may seem a waste of time, but it's something I like to take time over every week and it's the perfect excuse for a new notebook! I have found planning our meals saves so much time in the long run and I love noticing how the weather and the seasonality of produce leads my weekly recipe choices. Knowing that our food is all planned out everyday gives me a huge sense of contentment and the clarity of knowing that part of my day is taken care of helps the stress levels no end when are super busy.


So this week I’m particularly looking forward to vegetable goulash and leek and sweet potato soup, served with a hunk of bread. Being a busy working mum a weekly menu plan really works for us and it gives more time for faffing with the table situation!

Our solid oak Hot Stuff trivet, is one of our classic designs, ours comes into it's own in Autumn, we use our for holding hot pans in the kitchen and protecting our dining table when serving straight to the table from the oven. Click here to buy.

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