New jigsaw personalised coasters for Fika with friends.

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Have you seen our BRAND NEW Hexagon interlocking coasters?

They are just the thing for taking time to enjoy a warming drink and sweet treat with family or friends.

fika with friends coasters

We believe this is one of life's most uplifting simple pleasures and it's definitely one of our daily highlights at WPS. With these beautifully personalised, oak interlocking coasters we represent those thoughtful connections made when we pause for a social tea or coffee break.

personalised coasters

In Sweden they call these ritual coffee breaks Fika. It can be a noun (to fika) or a verb (shall we fika?) and it's definitely not the 'grab a coffee on the go' culture we have become accustomed to here in the UK, in fact Swedish Fika couldn't be more opposite. It's about taking a moment to reflect and relax, to reconnect with people and enjoying the feeling of contentment that fika brings.

personalised jigsaw coasters

Why not create time in your day for your own fika breaks and make it extra special with personalised coasters that connect perfectly for everyone invited?! If you do we would love to see, please tag us on instagram using the hashtag #woodpaperscissors Just for your info, I may be adopting some Autumnal styling here (and a little Lagom - another Swedish proverb that I will share in another post) with the lovely handpicked apples but never fear, I'm currently working on my very own Cinnamon bun recipe and I hope to share with you imminently, maybe I’ll be more of an expert after this week’s #gbbo as it’s bread week!! I also have a super simple apple cake recipe that these apples are destined for!

Click here to buy coasters of your very own.

wood paper Scissors


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