Celebrating Five Years of Marriage with Wood!

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five year wedding anniversary

Spring is here and wedding season is fast approaching, which of course in turn, means lots of anniversary's are also on the way! Some good friend's of ours were recently celebrating their Fifth wedding Anniversary and we really struggled to find a nice card that was special or individual enough to celebrate this milestone.

We were searching for something more than a card that was destined for the recycling bin. A keepsake that would be significant to the couple and treasured by them, but we just couldn't find anything suitable. After a little bit of research we realised that a five year wedding anniversary is traditionally celebrated with with wood. So it was a bit of a 'no-brainer' really and we decided that we should design and make a card ourselves, made from wood and engraved with our own design, especially for them.

As we already have a few wooden postcards for other occasions in our range, we knew in advance that we could simply, write on the back with a biro, pop a stamp on and pop in the post, the way you would a normal holiday postcard. So once we had come up with our own design, that is exactly what we did. Our friend's were absolutely thrilled with such personal, quirky Anniversary card dropping through their letterbox.

wooden anniversary card

We have decided to add these personalised wooden cards of celebration and joy to our range!

You can add any names or dates you like, (it doesn't have to be a five year anniversary) and then simply write and post as you would a regular postcard, or you can pop it in an envelope to post if you are feeling particularly fancy!

We are also offering these cards on our website site in a choice of woods; Scandinavian Birch or Oak Veneer.

You can order your own personalised card here.


celebrating five year of marriage with wood

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