Camembert Wheel Solid Oak Cheese Board

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We are so enjoying filling up our new website with brand new products! The website has taken a long time to build, but it is a lovely reality for us now to share our own products on a site that we created and built ourselves! One of our new collections is 'Crumbs of Cornish Bliss'  a whole space dedicated to nostalgia and treats. You will find some of our old favourites, like the biscuit boards in there as well and some new favourites too!

Lindsay spent her holidays in France growing up, we still have family connections there so visit regularly. We also really love cheese! So a nostalgic French cheese board, designed and made in Cornwall had to be one of the first products we made for this range.

We want to create desirable products that are a little different, more thoughtful than what is readily available in the shops and in this case something truly personal for all the cheese fans out there.

We celebrate people and individuality, nothing makes us happier than the joy our customers get when they receive our products.  

This beautiful personalised, oak camembert cheese wheel is absolutely the perfect gift for anyone who loves cheese, so they can showcase and share their fine cheese selection. Sharing food at home is one of our favourite past times and this oversized, personalised camembert board allows you to create both a visual and gastronomical treat in effortless style.

Personalised with names and wording of your choice in the traditional French Camembert style, this is a cheese board that will be treasured, used and displayed for years to come and is made in Cornwall, by us in our studio-come-workshop on the Cornwall coast.

We can't wait to share some of our lovely recipes using local cheeses with you!

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