New Product! Camera Shutter Personalised Wedding Ring Box.

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wedding ring box

Every so often Tony comes up with an idea and he's like a terrier with a toy! For the better part of this year he has been working on a prototype for a new type of ring box, but for a long while the vision in his head was not transforming to reality. There was a lot of scraps of wood on the woodburner pile, followed by a fair amount of swearing!

wedding ring box

He didn't give up, however frustrating it seemed and I'm happy to report after many numerous attempts it worked! THE most beautiful wedding ring box was borne.

wood paper scissors ring box

You see this isn't just any ring box. It has the most exquisitely beautiful opening and closing mechanism, the personalised lid simply rotates, in turn the encapsulated wooden leaves peel back to reveal the wedding rings within. In my feminine brain I see a lotus flower blooming and opening towards the sun. But I can also see it emulates a James Bond gadget or perhaps the aperture inside a camera shutter. Whichever it is I'm sure you will agree it is pretty clever stuff.

 james bond wedding ring box

We design, make and sell lots of ring boxes all year round, each one is crafted by us in our workshop in Cornwall. But we are always pushing the boundaries of possiblity, once we have nailed a design we start working on the next one. Partly because we love nothing more than our design time and enjoy working on new things, exploring what the next big thing will be for us and partly because we know there's a lot of competition out there and we like to stay ahead of our game!

wedding ring box

So if you are looking for THE perfect ring box for your special day, why don't you let us make one for you? At Wood Paper Scissors we celebrate people and individuality, and nothing makes us happier than the joy our customers get when they receive our products :) 

handmade ring box

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