Spring is here, hibernation is over!

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Spring is a time for new beginnings, the green shoots are starting to appear in the hedgerows here in Cornwall and the air is feeling warm and crisp. The fug in my brain is lifting as the colder months edge further away. Lets face it, winter lingered a tad too long this year didn't it?

I admit I have been hibernating, but the warmer days and lighter evenings are a lovely time to invite friends and family over for a gathering, to share scrummy food and treats, to catch up share stories and plan for the warm months ahead! At WPS our favourite way to entertain is generally a laid back affair, requiring minimum effort so we can all enjoy ourselves without fuss, whilst still enjoying super tasty impressive food!


 We love to use sharing boards, food with friends and family encapsulates a feeling of cosiness and contentment.

The Cornish word for cosy, is 'klys' a word we have come to use frequently, both at home and in the workshop when working on new designs. We like to think we craft products that create ‘klysful’ moments in the homes of others and have designed a range based on this ethos  The Klys Collection. It felt right that a platter board was to be the first piece for this exciting new range.

    But it was decided fairly early on, in order to be truly klys we needed to make a huge board. We eat as much with our eyes as we do with our other senses and a huge serving board allows you to effortlessly conjour up big, simple suppers that can be easily prepared, something functional and stylish that creates a wow-factor and allows you to cater for big numbers with minimal stress, sounds good to us!

    A board that will showcase a veritable feast of fine cheese, artisan breads and dishes of olives and sweet cherry tomatoes. Whilst creating a central focus point for our gatherings. We also frequently use ours for homemade mini pizza's and it's a lovely base to build a pudding station, for a larger gathering.

    We also love sharing food by candlelight, there is nothing more klys than this. Twinkling little tealights create a warmth and atmosphere to any occasion.  The glow of candlelight is soothing and reassuring. So we decided to carve some tealight shaped slots where candles would perfectly at one end. 


    Personally, I'm looking forward to serving up Spring cream tea's on an epic scale, with heaps of homemade fruit scones, lashings of Cornish clotted cream, sweet/sharp jumbleberry jam and a nice glass of bubbles.

    Keep an eye on instagram if you like the sound of it too and I'll be sharing my full-proof scone recipe in an up-coming blog post.  

    I hope you have a lovely Spring weekend and enjoy spending time and sharing food with the ones you love :)  


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