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Lindsay Day Playlist Soundtrack


We both love the old sound of vinyl and have been collectors for years, a long time before CD's and Minidisc's (yes we're that old). We strongly believe if you want to own a physical copy of your favourite music then nothing beats vinyl.

It's unfortunate, but gone are the days when you could invite someone round to 'listen to your records' but times have changed and most folk seem to stream their music as it's more affordable and convenient. 

Sadly you don't get those warm, characterful, inherent distortions with an online playlist, but isn't it a truly amazing thing that we can all listen to each others playlists wherever we are, whenever we want. The part I find most exciting is we can also share the music that is inspiring and motivating us with the world at any given moment, for everyone to enjoy!  

Here is my playlist for April 2018. It will be a regular monthly feature on our blog and I hope you enjoy listening along with us.

This is a spotify playlist, so if you don't currently use spotify you can here and it's totally free.

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