WPS Soundtrack May 2018

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I have been doing lots of design work by hand this month and have really enjoyed putting together and wanted to share what we have been listening to, I don't like a quiet workshop!

My favourite track on this new soundtrack is by Welsh Artist Gwenno. The song is called Tir Ha Mor and is sung entirely in Cornish! I was completely unaware of this and had completely fallen in love with the track before I even realised the lyrics weren't in English, I'd been merrily humming along to the chorus for weeks. 

The inspiration for the track is the coastline between St Ives and Zennor, which couldn't really be closer to where we live and work, it's also a huge inspiration for our designs. 'Tir Ha Mor' translates in English to 'Land and Sea'. You'll get a real sense of that rugged and dramatic bit coastline when you listen to the track.

I love that I have discovered an artist that is as passionate as us in protecting minority languages. I'm actually half Welsh but disappointingly have limited knowledge of this Celtic language, this a great shame as it's part of my heritage. I have learned quite a few Cornish words and am keen pass on as much as possible of this fascinating Brythonic language to Eva and do my bit in keeping the language of Cornwall alive.

Here is this month's playlist. It will be a regular monthly feature on our blog and I hope you enjoy listening along with us.

This is a spotify playlist, so if you don't currently use spotify you can here and it's totally free. This player will give you a snippet of each song. I'm not endorsing or sponsored by spotify, it's just what we personally use to stream music.




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