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After a few days of visitors, burning the candle at both ends and eating all the wrong foods, left me feeling seriously lethargic and still a bit hungover. So I peeled myself into my wetsuit and headed for the sea, for a surf. No matter that I didn't catch many waves or that I swallowed a few gallons of salt water up my nose, just being out in the ocean on my board felt amazing and I returned to shore feeling invigorated and starving - but in a good way!




We headed back to our van to rustle up something tasty using mostly store cupboard ingredients. I am exploring new ways of cooking in the van as we're all a little sick of sausage banjo's. I posted this pic on My Stories on instagram and received a stack of messages asking for the recipe, so I thought I'd share it here too.


It's a super-quick summer lunch, filling but easy to digest, just what was needed after swallowing half the sea 🌊


 ‘Post-Surf Scoff’ Cous Cous Summer Salad

I made this dish up in the van really quickly, it's totally stress free as the most tasking job is boiling the kettle.

Add enough dry couscous to a jug with a tablespoon of red pesto. I covered this with boiling water and popped a lid on to steam until the grains were light and fluffy.

Meanwhile slice some feta and shop bought grilled peppers (you could grill your own but I was feeling lazy and the jarred version are a good store cupboard staple).

After about 10 minutes fluff up the couscous with a fork, stir in the peppers and a little of the oil.

Serve the cous cous on a pile of baby leaves, with the feta on top and a drizzle of pesto oil, the intense flavours from the pesto pack a real punch and thre's no real need to season as the pesto does all of the hard work for you.

So all that's left to do is grab a fork and dig in 🍴


We ate ours in the back of the van, it’s cost next to nothing to make and we had the best view of the sea 😁 these could easily be prepped ahead for a picnic. I would do them Mason Jar style and layer them with the most robust with the wet ingredients at the bottom, layering up so the leaves are at the top don’t go soggy. No one will thank you for a soggy salad.



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