Mason Jar Layered Salad.

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mason jar layered salad

Some days I don’t even eat any lunch and some days I make us layered salad jars to eat at the beach! What can I say, I’m a woman of extremes, but I’m starting the week the right way, wonder if I can keep this healthy habit up all week?


I received so many messages after posting this image of my Mason Jar layered salad lunch to instagram that I am sharing the theory here. It's not my invention, there's infinite variations over on pinterest. But this is how I made mine. If you stick to these basic principles you will have crisp tasty salads every time, I promise!


I love a homemade lunch, shops bought sandwiches and salads are just so depressing, this salad can be prepped in advance and will stay fresh in the jar for a fresh days if kept refrigerated, so you can batch them too.

You will need a wide mouth jar as this makes the salad easier to assemble (and to decant in to a bowl without throwing it all around your desk/beach or wherever you happen to be eating your lunch!) Mine is like a Mason Jar but you could use any large jar, like a pasta sauce one, just make sure it's thoroughly clean and dry before you start to build your salad.

The basic thing to remember is that all the crunchy, robust and harder veg goes in the very bottom of the jar, with your dressing. So put these in first.

Layer 1

Things like onions, cucumber, cherry, tomatoes, carrots and peppers. Let cover these with any dressing you want to use. Balsamic works particularly well with onions and tomatoes.

Layer 2

Veg that you don't want to get too covered in dressing but it's not a drama if they get a bit wet. Like sweetcorn, olives or pickles.

Layer 3

Next add any grains, cous cous or cold pasta work well here. But you could use any lentils or beans, even leftover new potatoes would work nicely if you have onions and mayo or creme friache in your mix.

Layer 4

This is where I add my protein, so cheese or chicken, feta is a great salad addition, or if you are in Cornwall give the Cornish Yarg a try, crumble it in at this level and you will not be disappointed.

Layer 5

Leaves and seeds - need no explanation, other than they're up here on top layer so they don't get soggy.

That's it!

One last thing to note before you put the lid on: The better packed in the salad is the more chance of the layers staying in tact so don't scrimp, oh don't forget the lid :)








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