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Relocating to Cornwall was scary. I’m not going to dress it up, but we did it and I am thankful every single day we made that move. I think I’ve learned much and grown immensely from this gargantuan change in our lives. It has definitely compelled me to do a number of things that have taken me massively outside of my comfort zone. Trying new things that scare me a bit has kind of become normal, like joining a stand up paddle boarding club, when I have a fish phobia. Going on playdates where I don’t know any of the other Mums (but a friend is just a  person you haven’t met yet, right?!) and going to someone’s house whom you have followed and admired on instagram for years but never met in real life, yes I know that last one sounds really crazy doesn’t it, but that's what I did just last weekend!

I have followed Alice in Scandiland for a number of years. I love her house, and style, I also love her frankness and ‘behind the scenes’ moments in her Instagram Stories. Her feed is always a beautiful curation of her home and family, I find her daily posts to be a real inspiration and they have an honesty that has spurred me on at times when I have felt like throwing the towel in with social media.


A few weeks ago Alice mentioned in a post that she was going organise some instagram workshops from her home in Cornwall and naturally I jumped at the chance and messaged her to get booked on one straight away! It seemed like a great idea in that moment, but on Sunday morning when I was stressing about what shoes to wear, which bag to take and internally debating whether I should take gift, it dawned on me that what I was about to do was ever so slightly mental!
But in the spirit of breaking down my own boundaries I deleted the half written message I had typed to Alice excusing myself from the workshop and jumped in the car before I could change my mind!


Alice’s home is a conventional-looking end of terrace home, but this is in colossal juxtaposition to the inside. When you open the front door and the light, bright, modern interior greets you it is truly breath taking. Even better in real life that in the instagram grid. Part of the reason for the amazing light that runs right through the downstairs is the stunning glass extension on the back of the property, which really does bring the outside into the house, it also helps that the garden is pretty amazing too.


Beautiful art adorns the walls in gallery style hangings and there is more mid century modern furniture than you can shake a stick at.


ercol-studio-coach-mcmI felt definitely more than a twinge of envy when I saw this beautiful Ercol studio couch in real life!


Alice was so warm and welcoming, a natural host. I felt instantly at ease. She is so knowledgeable and genuinely wants to share her wisdom, to help others grow not only their instagram following, but their businesses too. It was so nice to finally meet Alice and some other Cornwall businesses who were also looking for guidance from the award winning blogger. The workshop was introduced in such a relaxed, informal and comfortable way. With a delicious lunch, on a beautifully laid table, with homemade cake! I don’t think I really realised how much information I was digesting along with the lemon drizzle (which was of course divine!)


The time flew by, but there was so much content that I was glad that it was a relatively short workshop, I didn’t feel too overwhelmed with information. I am hoping for a follow up in a few months time!


If you would like to take a look at the workshops for yourself, you will find them on the Alice in Scandiland blog here or the instagram page. Alice also has a rather lovely online shop here, full of unique finds for you to buy for your own home, I recommend you go and check it out :)



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