Finding flow in self isolation

Lindsay Day bath Hygge made in Cornwall Moments carved in Wood relax slowliving

Anyone else feel like their finally finding their flow in this new way of being? Today I realised, it feels a bit like being on maternity leave; only with a slightly older, more sassy child. Only I think it’s ever so slightly more fun.

We have a routine, we’ve made time for lots of fun stuff, today we created a home spa, using up all of the bits left over from smellies sets I got for Christmas, we even got Alexa to play her ‘home spa’ playlist. We’ve made Easter cards to send and have done a load and of baking. We’re eating better too - if you discount all of the baked goods.

I know it’s a really strange and scary time. But home is our sanctuary and it’s not all bad, really it’s not 💛 We’re managing school work and Tony and I are still managing to make orders around everything.

When I was pregnant I worked right up to when Eva was born and took no maternity leave, I just worked around her naps. It wasn’t easy, but it was the most simple, least stressful option for us all and this is a lot like those times. Also the warms baths and early nights have become part of the old/new routine and I’m really loving that part 🛁

What does your routine look like now? Anything new or old/new you’ve found joy in?

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