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As the Easter holidays are here, I have let the home schooling slide and spent a bit of time catching up with all those jobs on my wish list. I shared this old cook book on My Insta Stories last week and got a huge response! Lots of you got in touch to say that you remember baking from this little book with your Granny. This copy was given to me by my Mum when I moved to Cornwall, it's not the exact copy we used to bake from (every Friday morning, in preparation for weekend) when I was little, but many of the recipes haven't changed and I remember many of them with fondness. I'm definitely taking small comfort from nostalgia at the moment.

I hope that when Eva is older she remembers this period of isolation with nostalgic comfort too. I am very cautious to not let her see or hear too much of the news and are filling our days with baking, making, exercise and lots of cuddles and reassurance. I thought a nice thing to do, might be to write up some of the favourite recipes that we have made into a nice book for her to use when she is grown up, to use when she is feeling nostalgic.

We have also created a new chopping board in the same vein. Inspired by the special recipes that we have shared with loved ones and created together as a family. We are creating these boards to be cherished forever; something special to raise a smile in us all. To reminisce life’s moments. They are available to buy here.

This photo was arranged for the #stayhomephotochallenge set by  @me_and_orla and #15MinuteMagic I hope it gives a little window into our lives right now.

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