Happy Mother's Day

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Happy Mother's Day (for yesterday!)

As we live in Cornwall and my family don't, it's not the first Mother's Day that I haven't spent with my own Mum, but it is certainly the most memorable!

So here's a little virtual hug to all the Mum's that spent today on their own because their families have chosen to be responsible and stay at a self distance. And this virtual hug extends to all those family members that weren't able to spend today with their loved ones either. The sons, daughters, grandchildren and great grandchildren, it's pretty tough isn't it?
We're in strange and scary times and while this Mother's Day will certainly be one for the history books, I am just getting my head around the fact, that we must not feel guilty for not doing the things we would usually.

None of us would chose this situation for ourselves, our parents, our loves ones and friends. Guilt is a negative feeling, a waste of energy that won't help anyone and just focus on when we can all make up for all the real hugs that we have missed out on at a future date when it's once again safe to do so.

How was Mother's Day for you, did you manage to use any technology to wish your Mum well? Did you manage to meet at a safe distance or through a window? This little posy was left for me by my elderly neighbour who I picked up some shopping for. She’s in her eighties and under strict instructions not to go out, so she picked this from her garden. They really really brightened my day 💛

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