We are home and we are safe.

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We are home and we are safe.

As I look out over this rainbow to the world beyond my front door step; the world I used to know and sometimes took for granted. I wonder how much will change, how much has already changed and what will remain the same.

I have learnt that as a family we can survive on very basic means, very happily, happier than before in many ways. I think all this time spent together has brought us closer. We have never baked and cooked together so much, not big lavish recipes with lots of ingredients, but simple things cobbled together from what we have at the back of the cupboard. We have played games, watched films, lit fires and talked, times I won't forget.

We created a rainbow to show appreciation for our NHS,  I'm sure everybody knows someone who is working so hard to keep our communities safe and selflessly helping everyone, keep going you’re our superheroes. NHS we love you!

Thank you to Sara Tasker of meandorla for the brilliant photo challenge prompt for the #15minutemagic prgramme, we had great fun creating ours.

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