Natures gifts for almost Autumn

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Despite the warm weather, there's definitely an Autumnal feel in the air and the light at the moment. Which means it’s almost time to get a-crumbling! 🍎 My favourite crumble is without a doubt apple and blackberry but the blackberries aren’t quite juicy enough. 

autumn vibes

We found a great blackberry spot just a stones throw from the house and picked half a big basketful this weekend.


If I'm honest they’re still a bit too tart for eating so I’ve frozen them ready for making into gin next week and will go back to pick some more for baking with. I love baking, especially when I can make things to share with fruit we've picked ourselves and for free.


Apples are a great bulker in chutneys and add a pleasant base texture. Definitely worth doing when you have a glut. I found out earlier this year that I’m allergic to apples, fortunately not all types of apple and thankfully not at all when they’re cooked, or in cider 😅 So I will be making lots of puddings for the freezer and chutneys for the pantry with this lovely lot, I get a bit too excited for Autumn as it's a great time of year for being cosy and klys. I absolutely cannot wait for homemade mulled cider again!


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