I have this thing with floors

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#ihavethisthingwithfloors have you checked out this hashtag on instagram yet?

It is an absolute treasure trove of all things floor, from intricately tessellating victorian tiles to French florally painted mosaics. 

If you are ever stuck for some inspiration, or just have 5 minutes to spare, go an check it out.


I love floors especially when beautifully old, battered and worn. I think of all the people who have tread these boards throughout history, their lives and stories.

Each and every piece of wood has a story to tell and this is what we say to our customers. Wood is natural and has been alive for years, growing and surviving in the elements. This gives it its own personality, very own grain, tone and feel. Meaning no two pieces we make will ever be exactly the same.

So it’s not just the personalisation we carve or engrave that creates the uniqueness of our products, it’s the wood itself. We are also extremely lucky to be able to handpick each board of wood we use locally in Cornwall.



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