Clandestine Cornish Coves

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If you are an avid follower you will already know that there is nothing we like more than lacing up our rambling trainers (they're just normal trainers) and exploring the coast in the beautiful County we call home, Cornwall.


But this year I have been making a genuine effort to venture further of the beaten track, to seek out the lesser known areas that might not be found in the guide books.

The steep walk down through the undergrowth on the ‘path’ very near ended me, but it was so worthwhile for that breathtaking view, I only fell on my bum once! Unfortunately I didn't take many photo's as I was wanted to drink in all the stunning scenery, these were just quick shots taken with my phone. Stunning isn't it?!


There's no questions that coastline here is insanely beautiful. There are no filters on any of these pictures, just rugged, raw and naturally beautiful, Cornwall at it's very best.


Unfortunately sharing apps such as instagram have made it near on impossible to keep the locations of some of these clandestine coves, hidden beneath craggy rock faces a secret.


But it is good to know that there are still some secluded spots to be found off the beaten track. A tranquil place in which to relax, unwind and gather inspiration. For a picnic and a paddle, with space away from the crowds on a sunny day.


This particular place is a very steep climb and it almost inaccessible, so I'm confident that it will remain an unspoilt area of natural beauty for generations to come :)

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